The Summer of Risks

YA Contemporary Romance


Photos are from Pinterest or Canva.

Harper works at a pier with coworkers who place bets and dares to compete for a monetary prize at the end of summer. Harper wants to win and use the money to enter an amateur volleyball competition and get one on one training with her Olympic idols.
When her rival starts talking smack about Harper's love life, or lack thereof, Harper turns to new coworker Remi to quiet the gossip. Harper is waiting for her ex to come to her senses, but after seeing her post a picture with another guy, Harper decides it's time to move on for real (or at least look like it).
Remi is not a risk taker, and while getting into a fake relationship is scary, he's tired of getting flack from his family and best friend about his lack of life experience. Harper proposes an Island Risk Bucket List in exchange for being her fake boyfriend.
Feelings develop but fears die hard. In the end, they must decide if they're worth the risk.

Status: Drafting

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