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YA Contemporary F/F Romance

Sixteen-year-old James lives in her sister's shadow and longs for the approval of her dad. She needs to prove she has the legendary Galloway soccer gene by making varsity, too bad her political coach and friendly rival Natalie have other ideas.

Her quest for varsity becomes her quest for the winter varsity tournament. Everyone has all but given up on her but if she can save up to afford the elite personal trainer Antonio Ricardo, she can prove she has what it takes and that she can hang with her dad and sister.


Her job puts her closer with her teammate and crush Camilla, and mutual feelings blossom, but they must keep it a secret since James is in Natalie's elite circle and she disapproves of relationships during the season.


In her quest for #squadgoals, #relationshipgoals, and #soccergoals, James learns what she truly wants and starts playing by her rules.

Character Art by Cat Bakewell, IG @catbake
All other photos are from Pinterest or Canva.

WIP Status: Querying

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