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Project Emma

YA Contemporary Romance

Photos are from Pinterest or Canva.

Seventeen-year-old Riley loves rom-com movies and being in control. She runs an anonymous matchmaking account based on formulas and compatibility, which unfortunately didn’t help her when her friend and crush Landon broke her heart and ghosted her. She may not be in control of her own love life, but she’s director of the Spring Play, Emma, and in control of her future.
When Riley sees Landon’s name on the cast list, she isn’t sure if this is their second chance or his way of torturing her further. After losing it with divas and incompetent castmates, Riley is demoted from director to props where she’s paired up with Landon until she learns how to be a considerate team player. When feelings resurface between the two, Riley wonders if she can rewrite her own love story. But first she needs to learn how to let go of her controlling nature and her own romantic ideals, before she loses the director role, the mentorship, and her shot at a second chance romance with Landon.

Status: Querying

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