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YA Fantasy - Dual POV

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Theme: Freedom, Hope, Found Family

On a lone island in a kingdom with five Elvin princes, lives the last Giant from the Giant vs Elf War, who is imprisoned and a trophy of the last born prince. An Elvin princess with a secret is stowed away to survive the war and is forgotten when the war ends.

Both have lost hope of ever being free. Both are resigned to remain alone forever...until their circumstances change.



Personality: Gruff, pessimistic, loyal, strong, thinks he's always right

Fear: He's the only Giant left; he's a disappointment to his clan and all Giants; never being free

Shard of Glass: Survivor's remorse; watched his whole Giant clan die, including parents and younger sister. Therefore doesn't try to flee imprisonment, takes the dirt the prince dishes out, and closes his heart

Want: To belong to a Giant clan again; get justice for his clan's deaths

Need: Forgive himself and know his clan's deaths weren't his fault; to live a life they'd be proud of. To open his heart


Personality: Loyal, stubborn, assassin/spy, capable, witty

Fear: Having her secret known, never being free

Shard of Glass: Thinks she was forgotten, unwanted. Therefore has given up on being freed, resorts to making friends with her warden creatures, and closes her heart

Want: To prove herself capable. To have her curse lifted, to be free, to find her family

Need: To know she's wanted and valuable; to open her heart


Opening Image: Shows Tor in imprisoned home, having prince belittle him.

Theme Stated: Sprite? with Prince asks why a mighty Giant would put up with the pompous prince, being the only survivor has to mean something.

Set Up: 

Catalyst: Prince tells Tor to find princess in exchange for freedom; or will otherwise be imprisoned underground. Tells him the Sprite? will accompany him to watch him.

Debate: Prepares for the journey. Debates trying to escape vs finding the princess.

Break Into 2: Leaves imprisoned home in search of princess.

B-Story: Reaches guarded area surrounding the princess.

Fun & Games: Adventure in rescuing the princess and escaping her warden creatures. (1st pinch point- Tor sees graves of his fallen clansmen, who made them?; He tries to investigate but stepping off the path has the Sprite? forcing him back on track.) False Defeat?

Midpoint: Falling for Ethyriel. Kiss?

Bad Guys Close In: Eth shuts down on him, closing him off; thoughts plague him & he closes his heart again.

All is Lost: Prince swoops in, (betrayal & *secret* things happen).

Darkest Night of the Soul: Alone & imprisoned again.

Break Into 3: Decides he doesn't want this life. He wants to reconcile Eth and take down the prince.


'Gather Team'- Readies himself to try to escape his cell.

'Execute the Plan' - Sidekick comes back to help and repent at the cost of himself

'High Tower Surprise' - Tor learns Eth's secret, Prince has backup (other princes/king there?)

'Dig Deep Down' - Debate if Eth's secret can be overcome, if he accepts her/doesn't feel betrayed, & can team up with her to get justice and freedom.

'Execution of the New Plan - Team up with Eth to fight/uncover the truth of the Giant vs Elf war, have the prince captured/imprisoned?

Final Image: Leaves Island with Eth, joins/makes a new family.


Opening Image: Shows her lonely, talking to her warden creatures

Theme Stated: Creature tells her not to lose hope, that someone who cares for her will come back for her

Set Up: 

Catalyst: A passing creature tells her her parents died in the war, there's no one to free her or break the spell on the creatures guarding her.

Debate: Will she accept this fate or figure out a way to leave?

Break Into 2: Attempts to break free.

B-Story: Warden creatures tell her someone is there to rescue her.

Fun & Games: Doesn't want to leave, wants to wait for a loved one; just being stubborn. Adventure in leaving with the giant and escaping her warden creatures, tries throwing road blocks in his path. (1st Pinch Point- learns about the state of the kingdom, a secret that gives her hope, & a revelation that has her seeking revenge before her secret is outed.) False Victory.

Midpoint: Falling for Tor. Kiss?

Bad Guys Close In: Sprite? finds out her secret, she guards herself from Tor.

All is Lost: 'Stolen' away. Eth has a plan but then *secret* things happen.

Darkest Night of the Soul: Prince finds out her secret, she's imprisoned next to Tor who hasn't learned it yet, she fears for when she turns.

Break Into 3: Decides she needs to fight back for her sake, regardless of who needs her to, she's tired of being imprisoned and oppressed. & she's tired of her curse, she wants to be free.


'Gather Team'- Readies himself to try to escape his cell.

'Execute the Plan' - Maybe her creatures come to help? Or she's doing some science-y elf thing & gets out? A prince's guard is a turncoat and frees his princess?

'High Tower Surprise' - Tor learns Eth's secret, Prince has backup (other princes/king there?)

'Dig Deep Down' - Worried about Tor's reaction, will anyone love/want/need her, will she ever have a family again? Needs to focus on now- getting justice & freedom.

'Execution of the New Plan' - Team up with Tor to fight/uncover the truth of the Giant vs Elf war, have the prince captured/imprisoned? King undoes Eth's curse.

Final Image: Leaves Island with Tor, joins/makes a new family.