MG Contemporary Fantasy


Warlock School Book 1

Twelve-year-old Erayn is a half-human half-demon warlock who’s led a sheltered life, making her a socially awkward introvert. She’s marked, looking more demon than human, and this adds to her being ostracized in the magic and warlock communities. As she starts her first year at Ryvnik, School for the Arcane, she’s determined to overcome her anxiety and make friends.

Making friends is easier than she thought, easier than manifesting her magic, which has yet to come in. When non-magic class fails to bring her magic to the surface, she heads to the library where her nerve endings come alive at the proximity of a bookmark. Curiosity leads her to touch the bookmark, awakening her magic and plopping her in the middle of third-year bully Malachi’s sinister plot to turn the students into dark warlocks. The bookmark she touched fills her with dark magic, stirring fire and rage within her, dispelling the cooling effect of good magic.

When the Professors and Headmaster don’t listen to her warnings, she takes it upon herself to stop Malachi’s schemes before more students become dark and he’s able to start a war. Malachi confronts her, giving her two options, give into the darkness he’s given her and join his group or die. Erayn and her new friends join forces to learn forbidden runes, spells, and charms to fight Malachi and his demons in order to save the school and students, all while battling the forces of good and evil within themselves.

Crafted Status: Revising

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