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Katie Knightley lives in a cloud of romance and Taylor Swift songs which somehow always relate to her life. She loves writing about other lives, dreamy book boyfriends, and happily ever afters.

Her favorite tropes are second chance romance, forced proximity, found family, and fake dating. The more tension and banter the better.

She always includes pieces of herself in her books and main characters, and they all share a love of caramel lattes.

Katie loves getting lost in tv shows, movies, and books, and enjoys attending festivals and traveling, especially when history is involved. She also enjoys working out, fangirling, and snuggling her cats.


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The writing community and Authortube have been instrumental in her writing journey. On her own Authortube channel she shares writing tips, writing vlogs, and her journey/experience.

(I created my website in Author Brittany Wang's Website Boot Camp. Check out the Boot Camp here.)

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