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How To Read While Writing a Novel

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

This is a collaboration I did with Emily Bourne.

We wanted to give tips on how to read more while writing your novel.

It's hard enough to carve out time to write, and it's a whole other level to carve out time to write AND read but sometimes you can incorporate them into one.

Here are some tips for how to do both.

Emily's tips include:

  1. Read in the genre you write for inspiration.

  2. Read outside your genre for a fresh perspective and to clear your mind.

  3. Find at least one hour in your day - commuting, before bed, when you wake up, lunch break, etc.

  4. Find a format that works - physical book, audio, or ebook.

  5. Make it a game - eg read so many pages by specific date, join challenges, etc.

  6. Remind yourself that reading will make you a better writer.

Katie's tips include:

  1. Download ebooks to your phone/device to give yourself easy access while you’re waiting somewhere like the doctor's office or school pick up line.

  2. Audiobooks are great for commuting or while cooking or cleaning, etc.

  3. Time management and priorities- block time for reading and writing; read during lunch, before bed, etc.

  4. Read different formats at once- incorporate ebooks, audiobooks, and physical books.

  5. Incorporate your WIP (work in progress) into your reading. Read books for research and ideas, or read writing improvement books. Writing craft books are especially great if your writing style is easily influenced by what you’re reading.

  6. Have reading be a reward for meeting your writing goal for the day/set a writing goal for the day and once that’s met and you feel good about it, read! If you are motivated to keep writing, keep writing!

Some of our tips overlap, and that's because that's what works best for us.

I hope these tips are helpful and you find time for both reading and writing!


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