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Notion for Writers

Notion is an organization and productivity tool that can be used on a desktop or via the app. There are lots of templates out there to snag if you don't want to create your own, but I also made a YouTube video with a little beginner's guide if you want to check that out.

It's similar to Trello to where you can create a digital Kanban board!

And it's similar to the way I've used Trello in that I can track my outline/draft/revision in cards! You can make Chapters instead of Scenes, but this makes for easier moving around.

A tip for creating pages for your books is to create a template first! That way you can just duplicate that instead of a book page and then having to delete all that info.

You can literally do ANYTHING in here. Create a playlist, post aesthetics, create a team of people, track your word count, etc.

And it's nifty because you can store all your research and ideas for multiple in one place! (This template is not my own and I forgot where I found it! If it's yours, tell me and I'll credit you! Sorry!)

I'm going to be creating links or pages of all my research, my personal blogs and vlogs, and notes I've taken from writing craft books. And I love that Book Promo Planner for whenever I have a book coming out. I think that's a great one for indie authors as well. And I'm sure there's a lot more for an indie author to track. I think an expenses/income table would be good to have too.

Within the pages, you can add a table, board, gallery, list, calendar, & timeline. You can create a to-do check list, toggle list, bullet list, and more.

You can add images, videos, website links, audio, files, and more.

And you can embed docs, like the google doc your project might be in!

You can create your own little hub for CPs and Betas, a calendar for your projects and timelines, and anything else you might find helpful!


I hope you found this useful and that you'll give Notion a go if it looks beneficial for you. Don't forget to check out my videos where I'll go more in-depth and show you how to create pages and the various things you can do in them.


For more helpful tips, check out my YouTube Channel.

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