Katie Knightley is a Young Adult and Adult Contemporary Romance Author and an Author Mentor Match Round 7 Mentee. Her brand is light and banter filled, with a romance subplot, and themes of friendship and family. Currently she's revising and querying 2 Young Adult Contemporary Romances. She enjoys brainstorming and interacting with the writing community- check out her Authortube Channel, Twitter, and Instagram. Be the first to hear about upcoming projects and book updates by signing up for the Newsletter below!

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YA Contemporary, F/F

16-year-old James lives in her sister's shadow and strives to prove her worth by nabbing the lone varsity soccer spot. When her rival, Natalie, gets it instead, they form a pact that Natalie will (secretly) personally train her as long as James stays focused. Too bad James' crush from freshman year is *finally* crushing back and threatening that pact.

Project Emma

YA Contemporary Romance

17-year-old Riley is a romantic who dreams of being a director, and secretly dreams of being a leading lady. After a grand gesture turns her into a laughing stock, she becomes a match maker bent on helping others find love. When circumstances throw her back into the path of her potential leading man--the one who rejected her--she must learn to open her heart or continue to live vicariously through others.

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