Katie Knightley is a Young Adult and Adult Contemporary Romance Author and an Author Mentor Match Round 7 Mentee. Her brand is light and banter filled, with a romance subplot, and themes of friendship and family. Currently she's revising and querying 3 Young Adult Contemporary Romances. She enjoys brainstorming and interacting with the writing community- check out her Authortube Channel, Twitter, and Instagram. Be the first to hear about upcoming projects and book updates by signing up for the Newsletter below!

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YA Contemporary F/F Romance

16-year-old James lives in her sister's shadow and strives to prove her worth by nabbing the lone varsity soccer spot. When her rival, Natalie, gets it instead, they form a pact that Natalie will (secretly) personally train her as long as James stays focused. Too bad James' crush from freshman year is *finally* crushing back and threatening that pact.

Project Emma

YA Contemporary Romance

17-year-old Riley is a romantic with an anonymous matchmaking account who loves controlling things and dreams of being a director. Her crush ghosted her, but when Riley sees his name on the cast list for 'Emma', she thinks this is her second chance. Things spin out of her control when she tries to rewrite her love story while gripping tight to her director role and orchestrating matches in person. She needs to learn to let go before she loses everything.