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Create an Author Website

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Do you still need an author website for your platform and to get your name out there? Or do you need to improve your author website? This post will take you through a few options and tell you about my author website experience with Author Brittany Wang.

Why you Need an Author Website:

Even if you're not a published author, you need a place for people to go to check you and your projects out.

You need a space that will last longer than the latest social media fad.

With an author website, you can build your following with a subscription, usually with a newsletter, so that when you have news to share (like you're book being published!), you'll already have a fan base and a way to share that information.

An author website is also a great tool for getting hype for your book. A subscription could include member's only pages that give sneak peaks of your book or templates you've created.

Having incentives like a template is also a great way to gain subscribers.

Check out Brittany's testimony of having an author website & the subscriber number she's gained:

I did my research and used my skills to create THIS AUTHOR WEBSITE that started getting:
And I don’t even have any books published yet!

Click around my site. I'm an unpublished author at the time this post published. I have a home page that tells about me, my books, and my socials. I have an about page, contact page, members pages, and a page for each of my books that are close to querying/publishing.

Hopefully you like what you see, and can see why having an author website is beneficial.

Start building your author platform & gaining your following now!


Do You Want a Website Like Mine?

I signed up for Author Brittany Wang's Author Website Boot Camp. This group included people like me, starting a website from scratch, and people who wanted to improve their website.

The boot camp allows you to gain knowledge about how to create the website YOU want, and leaves you with the know how to change it in the future. I LOVED this option.

Brittany's videos and live Q&A streams were so informative, and she breaks everything down so it's easy to follow. I am not tech savvy at all, but building this site was easy.

Brittany is passionate about the writing community and building your author platform. She wants you to succeed and have a website you LOVE.

Don't Have Time to Build Your Site?

Brittany provides other options as well.

If you already have a site, you can schedule a consult with her where she'll help you get your website where you want it to be or teach you how to do it yourself.

You can also have Brittany build your website. You can take a back seat and share your creative ideas with Brittany and she'll build it for you. Easy peasy.

To explore all your options & read testimonials, click here.


I'm so happy I chose to build an author website with Author Brittany Wang, and I can't wait to see the website you create!


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