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How to Create a Brand on Instagram

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

If you already have a website or other social media accounts, you probably already have a particular color scheme and banners/headers.

On Instagram, you'll want to post that similar banner/header to have readers connect all your accounts to you.

Next, you'll want to pick a few colors and objects/spaces, to create a style that viewers will associate with you. With that, you'll also use specific filter(s) to connect all your posts as well.


On my Instagram feed you'll find orange and teal, a tree round, flowers, a coffee mug, books or my tablet, among a few other things. I use 2 filters together. These items are in rotation to mix up the photos. Most of mine are 'flat' but a few aren't, like when I place books standing up or in stacks.

On Christine's Instagram, you'll find black and white, quotes, and photos from above, among other things. In her photos from above she includes her legs or hand.

Angela mostly has photos of herself, but adds goals and writing updates.

Lara has a distinct filter and color brand. She incorporates nature and different settings for her backdrops. She's also amazing at Instagram Stories.

Think about your favorites things & things that have your brand colors, & incorporate them.

Items to use in photos for your brand:

-coffee mugs/tea cups












-outlines/sticky notes/note cards

-keyboard, laptop, mouse

-tree round

-a watch



-mascot/stuffed animal, like an owl or dragon for fantasy writers (add items for whatever genre you write)

-incorporate seasonal things like pumpkins, ornaments, hearts, etc


Are your gears turning? I looked around my house for things to use in my photos and the only things I ended up buying were the flowers. What do you already have on hand?

Batch Your Content

Now that you have an idea of what photos you'd like to post to your account, rotate the items around and take a ton of varying but similar photos. Mix in selfies if you want, or nature pics, whatever your brand is. And viola! You have a ton of content now!

If you're thinking, 'cool, I have photos but no captions'. Never fear, I have a blog post for that here.

The only other thing you'll need is to figure out the hashtags you want to use.


The Preview App

In this app, you can upload all your photos, add filters, add captions, and create lists of hashtags to pop in there at once so you don't have to type them all out. You can also keep your hashtag lists in the notes app on your phone. You'll want to vary your hashtags based on the topic and create a blend of frequently and rarely used tags to stand out.

The Preview App connects to your Instagram account so your live feed will show and you can move pictures around based on how you want your feed to look. You can also schedule posts but the app won't post them for you. You'll have to go back in and upload to Instagram, but it's really simple!

Canva App

This is a web page as well, but if you're looking to create graphics with quotes or your story snippets, I recommend Canva. It allows you to filter if you'd like, and it keeps your brand colors saved as favorites for easy access.


Give me a shout once you create your author Instagram brand or if you already have one, because I'd love to check out your style!

I hope these were helpful tips.

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