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Create a Schedule for Your Author Platform Goals

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Sometimes it feels like we work two jobs. Maintaining and building our author presence takes time. It's easy to get sucked into replying and commenting on posts, scrolling endless feeds, and watching tons of YouTube videos.

Before we know it, our day is over and we didn't accomplish much.

And then what we didn't accomplish gets added to our next day's to-do list.

Que the feeling of overwhelm and stress.

I vowed for 2019 to schedule my time better, to set up strict social media time frames, and prioritize my writing.

What goals will you set in 2019?

Figure Out Your Priorities

  • What social medias do you have?

  • How big of a presence are you? (Do you have time to reply to EVERYONE?)

  • Are you still growing your platform? (Do you need time to search hashtags & find new writing community friends?)

  • Are you serious about publishing your book?

  • Do you also have a reading goal?

  • What about work, school, family, & life? How much time do you give to them?

  • What else are you trying to squeeze in? (Devo time, workouts, meditation/you time?)


Once you make your schedule, you'll want to post consistently to gain traction for your author platform. Check out this post to make scheduling your posts across your social media sites easy and stress free.


Let's tackle our goals together!

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