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Instagram Post & Story Ideas

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Instagram is a great space to grow your author platform. Something that'll draw viewers and subscribers are using effective hashtags and brand photos. Read more about that here.

Post Ideas:

Look for monthly challenges that allow you to talk about you, your book, and your writing process. Some current & past ones include: #StorySnippetSaturday, #authorschallenge2019, #FantasyWIP(month), #pwpoeprompts, #instawrimo (There are so many! Find ones you connect with most)

Selfies/get to know you posts

Your Book/WIP

Your Routine

Your Outlining Methods or how it's going

Writing Area (desk, motivational wall/desk decor, must haves while writing).



Writing Tips

Querying Tips

Pitch Tips

Self-Pub or Trad-Pub tips

Writing Journey

Lessons Learned

Current Read

Book Reviews

Craft Books

Memory/Story about your WIP


A look back- how you've grown

Motivational Quotes

Goals, & where you're at with those goals

Snippet from WIP

Character Art/Book Merch (including from books that aren't yours)

Collections- like candles, funko pops, bookmarks, etc

Book Signings- how that went

Writing Conferences- how that went

Shapes with books- fav books, tbr, books that have the same colors or for the season


Story Ideas:

Live writing sprints

Live discussions

Day in the Life

Quick tips

Quick lessons learned



Ask/Answer questions

Post polls

Shout out other authors/accounts

Share ^ their posts & stories

Talk about your latest blog post

Talk about your latest YouTube video

Answer questions to a Tag or Challenge

Share facts about yourself

Share your favorite things at the moment

Share what you're up to

What are you doing? Take a pic & tag others

Current Reads/reviews



Preview App:

This app allows you to write your content in the caption of your photo for easy upload to Instagram. If you're feeling inspired to create a ton of posts, you can write them all in Preview and then schedule them for the week or month or whatever. It's so handy and helpful!

Take the stress out of building and maintaining your author platform by bulk/batch creating content. See more about that in the post about Creating Brand Photos and How To Post Consistently.


For more helpful tips, check out my YouTube Channel.

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