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How To Post Consistently

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

If you want to gain traction in the writing (and reading) community, you need a presence online. This is in the form of your website and social media accounts. Not only do you need to post, you need to actively comment, like, and share others' posts.

But for this blog we'll focus on your posts and getting your name and brand seen by others.

(To read about scheduling time to engage in the community, click here.)


The first thing you need to do is know which social media sites you want to post on. Most of you have already figured this out.

The second thing is to have a goal in mind.

How many times do you WANT to post a day or a week?

Y'all...this number is ridiculous. I don't know who actually has the time, but this is the recommended posting amount per social media account:

There are also recommended times to post but I find that 'data' is not the same across the board.

But these numbers are INSANE to me! Maybe if that was all I did all day.


Bulk your content:

To attempt to post numerous times a day or week, you're going to want to bulk film your YouTube videos; bulk photograph your Instagram photos; bulk write your website blogs. BULK BULK BULK. <<<< This is a time saver.


Where to schedule posts (for free):

Hootsuite- for Twitter, Facebook, (& more? Although it hates me when I try).

Preview App- for Instagram posts. You still have to manually post, but you can schedule reminders and have the entire caption written and ready to go.

Buffer- for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ & Instagram. You have to pay for Pinterest.

Tweetdeck- for Twitter

YouTube has a built in scheduler. But there's also Tube Buddy.

Upload to Pinterest and schedule your pin there.

*You have to pay to schedule more posts or add more social media accounts.*


So! The key is to bulk your goal numbers!

For example:

I take 10 photos for Instagram, filter them to my brand, and upload them to the preview app. I add a caption, add my default hashtags, & schedule (a reminder) post, and these photos last me for one month. (I told you I post on the low end. Don't be like me if you want to be seen more!)

For YouTube, I bulk film at least four videos at a time and edit over a day or two. I then upload and schedule them for that month, fill out the description, add hashtags to my default list, upload a canva cover photo, and done!

For Twitter, I look up some monthly challenge hashtags or share my own things, and schedule them in Hootsuite. This is especially great during Twitter Pitches for your book, and to share your latest YouTube video several times that day.

For my website's blog, I pick a day a month to knock out 2-3 for the following month. And once they're posted I add them to Pinterest and set aside time to repost throughout the month.

With canva, I bulk create the pictures needed for YouTube, Instagram, and my blog, as well as aesthetics I might share on any of my accounts.

Don't stress about your platform, stay a step ahead!

Bulking & scheduling are your tools for posting successfully & consistently!


Questions for you:

What are your favorite scheduling sites?

What goal numbers do you have for each of your social media sites?


For more helpful tips, check out my YouTube Channel.

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30 mars

Hi, I came across your article quite by accident and I was interested in it. The thing is that I with my friends created a software that can automatically publish posts in social networks. So far it is only on pc, but we want to make it for smartphones too. If you want, I could make a video of the screen using it and show you how it works. What would you say to that?

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